The gas Allowance means test is connected into the rate that is maximum of State Pension .

It’s possible to have a mixed weekly income of Ђ100 over the maximum State Pension (Contributory) for the situation but still qualify for a gas Allowance. This implies that one can have capital/savings, supplying they’re significantly less than Ђ58,000, and stay entitled to a gas Allowance. (Ђ58,000 is the same as just over Ђ100 an under the administrative centre means evaluation guidelines. week)

  • The assessable income limit for an individual under 80 is Ђ348.30 (Ђ100 plus Ђ248.30)
  • The income that is assessable for a few (where in fact the qualified adult is aged under 66) is Ђ513.70 (Ђ100 plus Ђ248.30 plus Ђ165.40)
  • The income that is assessable for a couple (where in actuality the qualified adult is aged 66 or higher) is Ђ570.80 (Ђ100 plus Ђ248.30 plus Ђ222.50)

If you should be over 80, add a supplementary Ђ10 towards the DEASP payment that is appropriate price.

Finding a benefit or pension from another country

If you’re finding a pension/benefit or comparable repayment from the nation included in EU Regulations or a nation with which Ireland includes a bilateral social safety contract (supplied there is an comparable Irish repayment), you may possibly be eligible for a gas Allowance, supplied you match the qualifying conditions mentioned previously and you are clearly:

  • Legally resident in Ireland
  • Under 66 and getting an Invalidity Pension ( for more than 12 months), a Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Pension or a payment that is equivalent a different country.

Where one or more individual in a household qualifies

Just one Fuel Allowance payment is compensated to a family group. If a couple of people who would be eligible for a Fuel Allowance reside together, a solitary gas allowance is compensated to at least one qualified person for the reason that home.

If every person into the home gets a means-tested social welfare payment, they are able to determine whom is applicable for gas Allowance.

If an individual for the social people staying in your family gets a contributory (non means-tested) payment, such as for example State Pension (Contributory) or Invalidity Pension, they ought to use very first (therefore a way test can be executed on the income). Instead, each other can use for gas Allowance however they must add information regarding the method of the individual getting a contributory payment in their application.

whom should make an application for a gas Allowance if two or higher qualifying people are now living in the exact same home

re Payment individual who should submit an application for gas Allowance
Contributory social welfare retirement and long-lasting Jobseeker’s Allowance personal welfare pensioner
Pre-Retirement Allowance and contributory social welfare retirement personal welfare pensioner
Pre-Retirement Allowance and long-lasting Jobseeker’s Allowance individual receiving Pre-Retirement Allowance
Contributory social welfare retirement and social protection re re re payment from a different country Social welfare pensioner
Social security re re payment from a different country and long-lasting Jobseeker’s allowance security pensioner that is social

Phone Help Allowance

Since 4 June 2018, you will automatically qualify for a Telephone Support Allowance of Ђ2.50 per week if you’re getting Fuel Allowance as well as the Living Alone Increase. It really is compensated individually from your own main re payment and it is designed to assistance with the expense of communications and/or a property system that is alert. Since this allowance is compensated immediately to individuals who qualify, there is no need to use for it.

The Department has published FAQs russian brides at that is useful the Telephone Support Allowance on

Weekly re re re payments

The gas Allowance is Ђ22.50 per week and is compensated through the gas period. The gas season begins on 30 September and runs for 28 months.

Lump amount re re payments

The very first lump sum payment of Ђ315 will undoubtedly be compensated in October 2019. The 2nd swelling sum of Ђ315 will likely be compensated January 2020.

When you have maybe not currently opted for become compensated in 2 swelling sums and also you want to do this – see ‘Choosing lump sum payment or regular repayments’ below.

How exactly to use

New candidates for gas Allowance want to fill out application form NFS 1 (pdf). This application can also be offered by your regional post workplace. You could request it by texting KIND FUEL followed by the title and target to 51909.

It will not be backdated if you apply for the Fuel Allowance after the start of the Fuel Allowance season.

If you’re finding a repayment through the Department of Employment Affairs and personal Protection or even a social safety repayment from the nation included in EU Regulations or a nation with which Ireland features a bilateral social protection contract, the gas Allowance will likely to be incorporated into your regular repayment. You certainly do not need to reapply for the gas Allowance every year provided that, your position stay the same and also you continue steadily to have the exact exact same welfare payment that is social.

If you should be not receiving a social welfare repayment, your gas Allowance may be paid straight into your account in a standard bank or perhaps you can gather the allowance at your neighborhood postoffice.

Selecting lump sum payment or weekly repayments

It is possible to decide to get the gas Allowance paid weekly or in 2 swelling sums.

In the event that you got your total allowance for the 2018-2019 fuel season paid in 2 swelling sums, your gas Allowance for 2019-2020 will immediately be compensated in 2 swelling sums.

In the event that you got your allowance when it comes to 2018-2019 gas period paid weekly, your gas Allowance for 2019-2020 will immediately be compensated weekly.

If you wish to switch to lump amounts or a regular repayment for 2019-2020, you need to fill in type CPF 1 (pdf) and deliver it to your area that pays much of your repayment before 13 September 2019.

This type can also be offered by your regional postoffice, Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Branch Office. You can even text FORM FUELCHANGE followed closely by your title and target to 51909.

This program is perhaps not open to individuals payments that are getting the Rural personal Scheme, Tъs, Gateway, Community Employment or Supplementary Welfare Allowance.

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