Patriotic Activist Flees Russia After Being Faced With Possessing ‘Secret’ Maps

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Anton Kolomitsyn can be used to getting formal documents. For over three decades, he’s got invested a lot of his time that is free tramping remote corners of Russia trying to find the undiscovered keeps of Soviet soldiers killed in your community during World War II.

He has got a remarkable stack of commendations, letters of appreciation, along with other tokens of recognition of their efforts.

But in early stages the early early morning of January 21, agents regarding the Federal protection provider (FSB) presented Kolomitsyn with two more formal papers: a search warrant and an arrest warrant on fees of possessing state secrets.

“I, needless to say, know very well what the FSB is and all sorts of their history, but I would never really had any transactions using them prior to, ” Kolomitsyn told RFE/RL. “The good news is one January morning at 7 a.m. I became resting a sweet rest and — boom! — they hand me a search warrant. Every thing occurred politely, formally. They did not turn out the compartments, nonetheless they had every thing.

“They took the computers, the discs, the flash drives, ” he included. “as well as took us to their head office on Liteiny Avenue. “

A couple of days from then on event, Kolomitsyn fled their homeland. He talked to RFE/RL from an immigration center into the Netherlands, where he’s got applied for governmental asylum.

“I became pretty upset by all that, ” he recalled. “We have plenty of connections and I also consulted using them. Each of them explained, ‘Even though you are free all on your own recognizance, when you continue to have the chance, gather your material to get out. ‘”

The fees against Kolomitsyn stem from his purchase in might 2018 of a pc disk containing a few topographic maps regarding the Karelia area that have been published by the Soviet Defense Ministry within the 1960s and ’70s.

Over their years as an alleged searcher and a leading person in a volunteer team called Northwest, Kolomitsyn has put together a huge assortment of maps and reference materials which has had helped him identify the places of numerous wartime skirmishes and engagements.

The urals, the Caucasus, and across central and northwestern Russia over the years, he has participated in expeditions in Siberia.

“Anton is the very very first to share with you why these queries are their life that is entire, stated Kolomitsyn’s spouse, Darya Dedova, whom continues to be in Russia. “He grew up in a household where their grandfathers had been soldiers for the Patriotic that is great War their grandmothers survived the siege of Leningrad. Just while he ended up being of sufficient age, in the chronilogical age of 14, he began traveling around Leningrad Oblast with expert people in the searcher motion. “

“this isnot just a question of using a choose and a shovel, ” Dedova stated. “He invested a large amount of time in archives. Every expedition was included with enormous planning. To reconstruct activities, he learned all available sources: industry reports, maps, German papers which he ordered from American archives. He previously one of several biggest collections of maps into the globe, without which their expeditions will have been impossible. “

A months that are few Kolomitsyn made the purchase, in September 2018, officials contacted him and informed him that the maps had been considered key. Kolomitsyn instantly switched throughout the disc and had been told that because he’d cooperated, the authorities considered the situation closed.

The maps, evidently, had been section of a cache of papers obtained from the Defense Ministry in 2008 by then-Colonel Vladimir Lazar. Lazar then presumably offered the documents to A estonian resident called Aleksandr Lesment. Lesment has rejected any unlawful task, even though the Russian authorities have actually alleged he had been working during the behest of an spy agency that is american.

In 2012, Lazar ended up being sentenced to 12 years in prison for espionage relating to the leak for the maps.

Even though authorities appear to have scrubbed the maps from the Russian Web, they have been readily available obtainable on international internet sites, Dedova stated.

Kolomitsyn ended up being stunned, then, as soon as the FSB turned up at their home a lot more than per year after he’d been told he had been cleared and presented the charges that are criminal him, that have been punishable by up to four years in jail.

Furthermore, he suspects, the FSB was wanting to show which he hadn’t acted separately but had been element of a “gang, ” that will include a feasible jail term as much as eight years.

” One knowledgeable individual told me that the FSB is only enthusiastic about focusing on ‘gangs, ‘” Kolomitsyn stated. “When they will have a ‘gang’ situation, most of the perks and bonuses through the bosses arrive. “

Why the accusations against Kolomitsyn were revived continues to be a secret.

In very early 2017, Kolmitsyn discovered high quantities of radiation in a sequence of decaying concrete bunkers built across Karelia into the 1930s as being a line that is defensive Finland. The alleged Stalin Line bunkers had been upgraded in the 1950s and built with fluorescent panels covered with radioactive paint.

Russian Activists Discover Tall Radioactivity In World War II-Era Bunkers

Abandoned within the 1990s, the bunkers attract hikers, history buffs, kiddies soldier that is playing and homeless people. A few of them have already been used whilst the fundamentals for domiciles. Other people are acclimatized to keep preserved vegetables & fruits.

Even though the Defense Ministry declared the bunkers safe, ecological officials in addition to state nuclear agency Rosatom undertook a task to decontaminate or shut the absolute most dangerous web sites after Kolomitsyn and ecological activists sounded the security.

Kolomitsyn suspects the FSB could have reasons that are ulterior investigating him. During their interrogation in he stated, the agents told him, “we realize a whole lot about yourself. January”

“They stated they knew we had took part in demonstrations and that, maybe, I happened to be in touch with ‘certain understood oppositionists, ‘” Kolomitsyn stated. “Of program, which is not a criminal activity, however it is sufficient to allow them to see me personally being an enemy. “

Russia’s obscure privacy legislation might make them a tool that is effective dissent, lawyers say. Maksim Olenichev, legal counsel utilizing the legal-defense company Team 29, stated what the law states enables state agencies to generate their very own listings of categorized materials and therefore, frequently, those listings on their own are thought key.

“This means that residents cannot determine if there clearly was information that is secret any product they may be dealing with or otherwise not, ” he stated. “and also the FSB utilizes this particular fact. “

“Our situation it self is secret, ” stated Kolomitsyn’s spouse. “we cannot get usage of the situation files. “

For single muslim marriage the time being, Kolomitsyn states, he could be comfortable into the Dutch immigration center. But he worries which he can be purchased to try to get asylum in Finland because he’s got a long-lasting visa to this nation.

“I don’t wish that to take place, ” he stated. “there are numerous Russians there and, most likely, plenty of safety agents. Most of the Russians who live there support Vladimir that isPresident Putin. Folks are traveling here most of the some time it could be simple to find me personally here. “

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