‘How To Turn My Summer Fling Into A Far More Permanent Thing?’

'How To Turn My Summer Fling Into A Far More Permanent Thing?'

All of your relationship concerns responded — below, at this time.

Dear Lindsay,

A guy was met by me come july 1st, and things have already been going fantastic. We have been casually dating when it comes to previous 8 weeks, and we spend a lot of time together, so I don't think he's dating anyone else while we haven't talked about being exclusive. Regardless of if he were, that'd be okay since we have never talked about it. But here is my problem, let me keep seeing him and start to become more severe this autumn because i enjoy him and do not want to date someone else, particularly because it's a great deal harder to head out on times into the colder months vs. being in a relationship. I do not understand whether he desires to carry on dating or perhaps views me being a summer fling, therefore I'm basically wondering — how do you tell him that i do want to just take our relationship one step further?

- Lara

These last few weeks, we can already feel a slight chill in the air as summer draws to a close. (mais…)

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