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Paramount to Remake ‘The Gambler’ with Wahlberg, Lange and Lawson

Paramount to Remake 'The Gambler' with Wahlberg, Lange and Lawson

The poster that is original 'The Gambler' starring James Caan and Lauren Hutton; Mark Wahlberg will be playing this part in the remake.

Modern audiences often capture the classics of literature via their film versions; simply take Victor Hugo's 'Les Miserables' or Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'. Mention Fyodor Dostoevsky to a younger generation of Internet-raised intelligentsia, and you may get nothing however a stare that is blank and the 1974 movie version, loosely on the basis of the prolific writer's novella, may not resonate more either. But that film's initial cult success has now spurred movie giant Paramount Pictures to attempt a remake of this classic flick (which by the way is not related in just about any method to the Kenny Rogers classic country song of the same title) with an all-star cast that can hold its very own against the first.

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The remake could have some iconic performances to fit up to, that is without a doubt; and of course quite a bit of Hollywood lore that went on during the initial production's recording. An english professor in New York City whose gambling addiction overtakes his life for example, a then-very-young James Caan (who from 2003-2007 played the casino magnate lead in the hit TV series 'Las Vegas'), was reportedly grappling with his own real-life cocaine addiction during filming; he was also nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as (mais…)

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