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Meet Alli Walker, The Girl Having a More Conscious Approach to Country Music

Meet Alli Walker, The Girl Having a More Conscious Approach to Country Music

Once I arrived on the job the other day for the planned interview, the girl I became conference had been both every thing

At first, you could just just take her for the PEI-born, Toronto-bred aspiring country singer who oozes the most obvious likeability of a nearby Taylor Swift. The long blond locks fashioned into loose curls, the country-chic ensemble, the clear blue eyes and mega-watt look that therefore completely embodies pleasant professionalism. But provide it some more moments, and also you might spot the sleeve of tattoos cascading up her supply, an edgy touch to rival the seemingly old-world charm she therefore obviously embodies. As I put up for the meeting, the conversation comes easy, and I also find myself quickly interested in her easy nature – that mega-watt look exposing it self because the trademark of a committed, warm-hearted girl in the brink of one thing exciting. This woman is the greatest woman across the street in almost every essence, however it’s paired with a particular candid vulnerability that is apparently a rarity that is modern.

Alli Walker is really a nation singer-songwriter and model from PEI whom left her small-town origins to pursue her (not-so-small) dreams in Toronto whenever she had been 19. Her love for music operates deep, with an expansive portfolio that is instrumental includes piano, drums as well as the bagpipes. Nonetheless, it didn’t just take Alli a lot more than a 12 months of traditional vocal training in University to recognize that she wanted something different, and that ‘something else’ was a profession in nation music. Therefore, obviously, Alli stuffed up her life and headed right for Toronto – the place she’s now called house for ten years.

“I became really green once I arrived here because we began later in life – at least with regards to the music industry. (mais…)

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