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Loan Officer Commissions: Margins & Management (Webinar Recap)

Loan Officer Commissions: Margins & Management (Webinar Recap)

As your trusted capital areas partner, we make an effort to provide solutions that are applicable headache-inducing problems – such as for example doing tiresome and handbook calculations for your loan officers’ (LO) commissions.

Margin compression is a typical subject recently, with LO commissions being a specific challenge we shall reference in this specific article.

In this webinar recap, we're going to summarize the discussions of our panelists whom explain: two motorists of margin compression on the market today, why LO payment administration things for keepin constantly your company lucrative, and exactly how to get rid of inefficiencies in determining LO commissions by leveraging a technology solution.

We have been excited to provide for your requirements this real time webinar recording, accompanied by a comprehensive summary associated with the topics talked about!

Loan Officer Commissions – Margins & Management Webinar

In this webinar that is national we invited our professionals in the industry to recommend guidelines and provide a highly effective pc computer pc software solution for managing or transitioning loan officer’s commissions.

Develop you will definitely enjoy viewing the event that is full. Additionally readily available for watching could be the complete presentation fall deck. To get more information regarding the speakers and summaries of these conversation points please continue reading below inside our synopsis following this webinar video clip. (mais…)

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Ways to get a home loan with a decreased credit rating

Ways to get a home loan with a decreased credit rating

Mortgage Q&A: “How to have a home loan with a reduced credit score. ”

You may be wondering how to get a home loan if you’ve got a decreased credit rating, but are determined to purchase a property (or want to refinance your existing mortgage. Or if it’s also possible.

First things first though – just how low can be your credit rating? Are we chatting a 660 credit rating or a 500 credit history? Everyone else seemingly have yet another concept of low, so let’s start here.

You could even be happily surprised to discover that your low rating is not really low at all, but alternatively simply not absolute excellence.

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